Volume 3 is alive and kicking

Turk’s Head Review Volume 3, the annual print-on-demand issue of selected works from the past year’s contributors, is available for purchase at magcloud.com.


This year’s issue is bigger than ever: 63 pages of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art from a distinguished roster of artists:

Nicole Azores-Gococo, 
N.M. Bailey
Brian Barbeito
Eleanor Bennett
Connie Beresin
George Bishop
Dianna Calareso
Valentina Cano
Virgine Colline
Colin Dodds
Joseph Dorazio
Stacy Esch
Peycho Kanev
Margaret Karmazin
Len Krisak
Charles McCannon
Ken Massicotte
Sonnet Mondal
Jenny Morse
Thomas Pescatore
Frederick Pollack
Gilmore Tamny
Changming Yuan

Check it out today! I think you will be impressed. Thanks for the support.

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