Stuck in No Man’s Land

Ross Knapp

Packed Eurail
trains, bodies squished against the glass, brains banished, London bells
ringing, Woolf’s howls, Russell’s damned bloodstains, Newton singing Dies Irae,
Wittgensteinian whispers, last stabs unsuccessful, too grandiose, too fascist,
free fall off St. Peter’s, Mussolini and Pound munching popcorn–watching,
waiting, progress past, the we seeing only me, preaching who’s to say, the ancient wonders of the world crumble, the cathedrals
once again decay, the skyscrapers and Cantos fade into Twentieth Century
history, left with the ash memories of everything, left with our minimalist
nihilistic faith, mocking ourselves with our own irony, shrouded in our
supposed sophistication.

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