Men Around a Grill

– Alejandro Escudé

It’s a testament to the grand will of men
and the state of the world;
I stand and grill sausages for the birthday crowd,
my son’s 7th. And he inevitably approaches:
“You should turn down the back burner.”

“Is that right?” I say. But I don’t do it.
All they need is one successful entry
and it’s over—soon, they will stand in your place
and snicker, the worst is the snicker.

His woman will assure that he knows what he’s doing
much better than you do. And you know
you shouldn’t think of her as his woman,
but she is.

Then, the other one comes to say you should spread
the sausages at the bottom
of the grill instead of keeping them up top
and that you should open the lid.
“You don’t need the lid closed,” he says.

And I say, “Is that right?” And I don’t do it.
Halfway through it all
I go into the kitchen to grab the large plate
to serve the sausages on

and when I return I find the back burner turned off,
the grill lid opened.

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