100 Words

Gail Slater 

My day begins in moonlight.  I smell a wind shift
lifting blades of grass from somewhere,
skipping over stones, surrounding my heart.
I am so glad of this.  
Come with me to the edge of tears
where candles gutter but stay lit
to cast a protective light over blue-iced holiday store fronts.
Let’s gather our cohort. We have places to get to
now that the streets are cleared of snow.
Let’s go full tilt.  That way we’ll never fail.
My brain sings with passionate intensity.

Gail Slater builds her life around poetry and teaching ESL. She’s published in Northeast Journal, Old Ship Poets, Castle Rock Press and has workshopped her work in Cambridge MA, New York NY and Sligo Ire. 

The author with Seamus Heaney. 

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