At a Certain Point

Alec Solomita

At a certain point, it’s all loss.
You can’t drive at night any
more. Calamari gives you
indigestion. Booze becomes
as impotent as you.
Friends peel off like old skin.
Parents are long gone. Children
turn on you like it’s your fault.
And your spouse just drifts off,
thinning into the blue sky
like smoke at the nursing home’s
Fourth of July barbecue.


Alec Solomita is an editor and writer living in Somerville, Mass. He’s
published criticism in The New Criterion, The New Republic, and
elsewhere. His fiction has appeared in, among other publications, The
Adirondack Review, The Mississippi Review, Southwest Review, and
Ireland’s Southword Journal. Recently, he’s published poetry in
3Elements Literary Review, Literary Orphans, Silver Birch Press, Turk’s
Head Review, Algebra of Owls, and Driftwood Press.

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