Check out the story “Dark Water Desert” by former Turk’s Head Review intern Jennifer Rohrbach in Gingerbread House. It’s a great read. To give you a taste, here’s the opening paragraph:

Berkie Dunham stomps on the wet sidewalk reflections of the UFOs. They hover ten feet above the street, monitoring everyone. He knows they’re taking note of the way he walks, the way his left leg drags a bit behind the right, a consequence of an accident with a bike and a lawnmower when he was in grade school; the way his feet fall like bricks of lead on the soggy pavement. He sees the UFOs shatter beneath his boots and laughs wildly in his mind—only in his mind, though, because they cannot know that he knows they are watching him.

Congrats to Jenn on the publication. We wish her continued success!