Turks Head Review features distinctive writing, art, & media. It is published online on a rolling basis. We combine the strengths of the blog (steady stream of quality content) and the small-press literary magazine (curated work from dedicated artists and writers).  We also publish a selection of originally published work from the site in print-on-demand format.

Site history. The site has been through several incarnations. It once appeared on blogger.com. For years it was happily resident at turksheadreviewtumblr.com: this version remains intact for posterity. The site was moved to the wordpress platform in August, 2017.


NOTE: We are on hiatus and not reading new submissions at this time.


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Editor: James Esch, editor@turksheadreview.com

Thanks to my assistant editorial interns:

Katelyn Tarasiewicz (Summer 2016)
Jennifer Rohrbach (Spring 2016)
Kirbee Veroneau (Summer 2015)
Katherine Rogan (2015 – 2016)

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Our acceptance rate is 30%. Updated on July 29, 2016.