gold star mothers

Chris Hancock

All mothers dream
Their sons will grow up strong.

All mothers worry
Something will go wrong.

Sons grow up playing war
Coming to dinner with mothers at home.

Sons will go off to far away wars

Leaving mothers to live alone.

Enough mothers lost their sons

In far away battles of retort

For the mothers who lost sons

To get together for support.

The Gold Star Mothers
Sought to ease the pain.
The Gold Star Mothers
Brought grieving mothers back again.


Note: “The Gold Star Mothers” is excerpted from Mothers Forever, a book of poetry examining the lives of three characters
beginning in 1887 and ending in 1980. Each character loses a son in either
World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War. To help them cope with
their grief, each joined an organization called the American Gold Star Mothers,
whose purpose is to help mothers manage the pain of losing a child through
military service and to support hospitalized veterans. This poem takes place in
1946 as Martha Jackson is becoming a Gold Star mother after her son was killed
as a soldier serving as part of the Red Ball Express during World War II.

Chris Hancock lives in Kennett Square, PA and teaches Health and
Physical Education. His writing and photography can be seen at